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Saint-Gobain commits to the restoration of the Cyclop’ Face of Mirrors

The Face of Mirrors produced by Niki de Saint Phalle covers the whole of the face of the Cyclop with a mosaic of mirrors. This magical and entertaining work, which moves to the rhythm of the forest and the seasons, was partially restored in 1996. As mirrors are greatly affected by humidity and by the sun, a second restoration is now necessary.

This new restoration represents thousands of hours of work, several hundred square metres of mirrors to be cut and several tonnes of adhesive mortar. Saint-Gobain has offered its expertise together with Weber glues and 450 square metres of mirrors for the restoration of the Face of Mirrors. This restoration, which must be as long-lasting as possible, calls for some innovation: the new mirrors installed are mirrors perfected by Saint-Gobain for solar cookers which are particularly resistant to climatic conditions.

By committing to the restoration of a major work such as The Cyclop, Saint-Gobain confirms its active policy of support for the arts, in line with its history and its linked professions.

Dernière mise à jour le 30 Jun 2016